Line Array

Crafted to deliver unparalleled sound reinforcement, even in the most acoustically challenging environments. Rhyme Line Array Series offer a diverse selection of line array speakers, available in various sizes to accommodate a wide range of applications. From small-scale rental and installation needs to large-scale venue sound reinforcement applications such as concerts and DJ performances, our line array speakers are engineered to deliver exceptional sound quality and performance for any occasion. Our own proprietary high power-handling ACR transducers provide outstanding clarity, power capability and versatility. Housed in weatherproof, durable, and exterior-grade enclosures constructed from high-quality Russian birch plywood, our speakers are flexible and suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. Our speakers offer customers convenience, boasting a user-friendly design that makes installation a breeze. Equipped with a bracket system that can be easily adjusted to accommodate a diverse range of angle setups according to the venue. Moreover, they feature a built-in passive crossover that enables seamless integration into any sound system. Alternatively, users have the option to use an external DSP or amplifier for even greater customization and control over their audio experience.

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